Yet another crossroad. This site is to undergo a major restructure to facilitate a move away from the projects original purpose of supporting learning in the classroom to discrete online and self paced learning. After a year and a half of part time teaching at Nepean Creative and Performing Arts High School I’ve now retired from classroom teaching and am retaining my role as an educator for a broader spectrum of learners and educators.

STAGESIX will continue to function as a resource site for Preliminary and HSC Case Studies and exam strategies.

Adobe Creative Cloud

For Visual Design students who are self isolating or opting to study from home here is the link to the site that will allow you to obtain and install Adobe Creative Cloud for free.

For students in 12VD5, 11PHO6 & 11VD1 at school and at home please ensure that you log in to your Google Classroom during the allocated sessions for any task updates/tutorials/content delivery and post in the class comment feed to indicate your session attendance. Sessions will be posted in the feed.

For example;

Art @ Bundanon

Think you’d like to spend a few days at Arthur Boyd’s Bundanon residence staying in accommodation designed by Glen Murcott? If you haven’t done so already, check out this video of Wyndham students at Bundanon and get a deposit back to the front office by 25th October. This is a great opportunity to be part of an exceptional immersion into some serious art-making.


Academic subjects alone won’t cut it.

“Employers are crying out for recruits who are creative. The notion that arts and music are not seen as ‘hard’ enough subjects is damaging to the economy.”

Here’s a thoughtful; albeit, relatively brief piece, on the value of creative thinking and creativity in education.

The notion that the Arts should sit below the post industrial hierarchy of English, Maths, Science and the Humanities is antiquated. Everything we have (man-made) comes from the minds of creative people. Simply ludicrous to undervalue it.

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 7.10.20 pm

Read the full article here

Education | A New perspective

It’s been a while since a new post has been added to the front page. Today some time came my way and so did this.

“Many technologies have promised to revolutionize education, but so far none has. With that in mind, what could revolutionize education?
These ideas have been percolating since I wrote my PhD in physics education:…
I have also discussed this topic with CGP Grey, whose view of the future of education differs significantly from mine:…

I think it is instructive that each new technology has appeared to be so transformative. You can imagine, for example, that motion pictures must have seemed like a revolutionary learning technology. After all they did revolutionize entertainment, yet failed to make significant inroads into the classroom. TV and video seem like a cheaper, scaled back film, but they too failed to live up to expectations. Now there is a glut of information and video on the internet so should we expect it to revolutionize education?

My view is that it won’t, for two reasons: 1. Technology is not inherently superior, animations over static graphics, videoed presentations over live lectures etc. and 2. Learning is inherently a social activity, motivated and encouraged by interactions with others.”
Derek Muller
Published on Dec 1, 2014