All coursework content is to be presented in your photography folio. The focus here is on an increasingly professional presentation.

Series 1

  • Masks: Design and construct a sculptural mask to be used as a prop for a portrait. A minimum of 2 images are required for submission


  • “Mini Me”: Using Adobe Photoshop, construct 3 images that depict a mini version of yourself in various situations. Use your phone or DLSR to take the photographs.

Series 2

  • Lighting Studio Set Up;  Provide examples of 4 different studio
    lighting techniques used for portraiture.
    A minimum of 4 images is required for this series

Series 3

  • Body Art; Create a design suitable for application to the face or body.
  • Apply face/body paint to your subject and create a studio portrait series.
  • Submit a minimum of 2 images. (Include your sketches & planning in your portfolio).


  • Lightroom; 5 Fundamental LIghtroom Techniques

    Using images from your ‘What is it Task’ or images from the current project; provide before and after examples of the following;

    1. Cropped images @ 16:9 @ 1:1
    2. Adjustment brush
    3. Graduated filter
    4. Region adjustments
    5. Black and White conversion

    Series 5

    • Day or Night, complete a Portrait series using available light only; at least 2 images are required.

    Series 6

    • Look at the photographs of Francois Dourlen.
      Using his technique as a starting point for your own work, create a series of images using your mobile phone, iPod or iPad. Curate and submit 2

    Francois Dourlen

    Series 7

    Portrait series (x 2) using a ‘smoke machine’ + studio lighting.

    Series 8

    A series of photographic images ( x 2 ) shot through glass to distort or blur your portrait image.

    Series 9

    Altered / composite photographic / torn montage image. (x 2)

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