What is it ?

The core practical tasks for this project include the completion of the following.

  • Joiner image x 1
  • What Is It?  –  series of  images
  • Photographic alphabet  –  series of 26 images
  • Wyndham Photo 5 based on Canon Photo 5  – series of 5 images
  • Drawing with Light x min of 4
  • Filtering an image x min of 4
  • Chosen theme x 4 (see Themed Image)
  • Research Task based on the work of a selected photographer (see below)

The core requirements of the research task outlined on your assessment sheet are;

1. Identify and provide information that outlines the general background & life of the photographer
2. Explain the beliefs, concepts, ideas and intent of the work of your photographer, using two photographic examples
3. Construct a visual/verbal response to these two images. Use annotations, sketches, quotes and a “brainstorm” approach to your response. Consider the technical & conceptual construction of their work i.e. the design & compositional approaches to the symbolism & meanings etc.
4. Give a critical comment and judgement of their work – in your words, taking into account their influence & historical position on the art/photographic world (use the Visual Arts Frames as a guide: structural, post modern etc)
5. Appropriate an image produced by your chosen photographer and recreate a new photographic abstraction/image of their work eg: if using Andy Warhol’s series on “Elvis” you could cut, colour, scan etc. to recreate new images inspired by your application of practical techniques i.e. joiners, abstractions, manipulations etc.

It is expected that your Portfolio will reflect an increasingly professional approach to your work. The pace of the work for this term is quite demanding and will require a robust and organized approach to your photographic practice.

Joiner Image

This task is visually and conceptually based on the photographic work of David Hockney. Hockney’s joiner photographs were essentially the first photographic images to explore image construction using time based multiple perspectives of a given subject. Many of his earlier works were made from multiple Polaroid images.

“Pearblossom Highway” was constructed using more than 700 photographs taken over a number of days traveling along the highway. In the video below David Hockney discusses some aspects of the making of the image.



Slow Shutter Abstractions

This involves creating images that have been selectively blurred using either a combination of a moving subject with slow shutter speed or a static subject with slow shutter speed and deliberate camera movement.

The first light painting



Themed Image

Choose one theme from the following and produce a minimum of 2 edited that explore the conceptual possibilities of your theme.

  • Fluid
  • Transformations
  • Creepy
  • Fresh
  • Dreamscapes
  • Decemberism
  • Frenzy
  • Shadowplay
  • Blown Away

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