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What is Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Discover Premiere Pro, the industry-leading video editing software at the center of Adobe’s video post-production workflow. Justin Seeley shows how professionals edit, manipulate, and export video projects for film, telelvision, and the web.

Premiere Pro CC Overview

Professional video editing is faster and more efficient than ever thanks to dozens of brand-new features in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, including a redesigned timeline, improved media management, and streamlined color grading with the Lumetri Deep Color engine.

An overview of the interface

This introduction to Premiere Pro explains the panels and tools you will use every day in your video editing workflow.

Keyboard shortcuts in Premiere Pro

Explore the wealth of keyboard shortcuts in Premiere Pro CC. Maxim Jago shares the most time-saving shortcuts and shows how to create custom shortcuts for your own workflows

Importing Media

Find out how to bring media such as audio and video clips into your Premiere Pro projects. This movie explores the Media Brower and demonstrates how to navigate through file structures to get the files you need.

Selecting shots

Learn the building blocks of editing: how to select shots and mark in and out points in a clip.

Editing to the timeline

Learn the basics of editing in the Timeline: add clips to the Timeline and switch between shots.

Refining the edit

This tutorial walks through the process of refining an edit for a sample movie

Add clips to a sequence

Learn to add clips to a sequence in Premiere Pro. Maxim Jago demonstrates this essential editing task.

Adding transitions

Transitions can smooth out abrupt changes in a clip or make a sequence more exciting. Find out how to add dissolves, wipes, and other transitions to your project.

Adding and Adjusting titles

Learn how to add lower-third titles, include fades, and to adjust how long your titles display onscreen.

Adding and Adjusting music

Learn how to add music to a project and adjust the overall audio level, as well as how to fine-tune your audio adjustments by using keyframes in the Timeline.

Outputting your show

Learn how to export your Premiere Pro project into different file formats, as well as how to export multiple videos at once.


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