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About the course

Visual Design is a ‘Content Endorsed Course’. Unlike a Board Endorsed Course, this course does not contribute toward your ATAR calculation. However it does provide you with very strong employment opportunities along with skills that will put you well ahead of the pack should you pursue tertiary studies in this area.

The course syllabus is structured along lines similar to Visual Art. This means that the Critical and Historical Studies component of the course has the same framework i.e., Conceptual Framework, Frames and Practice. Case studies are also aligned the same way and have the same significance as they do in Visual Art in terms of the way they are used to inform you, in this case, about Historical and Critical aspects of the Design World.

At Wyndham

Visual Design students at Wyndham College are able to choose between a Studio Based (practical) design course or a Digital Studio course.

The Studio based course focuses on traditional design processes and media whereas the Digital Studio course focuses on skill development working with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, InDesign etc. Students working in the Digital Studio course have access to a specialist lab equipped with Adobe Creative Cloud.

Digital design Students can also access work at school and at home through their Edmodo and Moodle logins or from this site.

The Preliminary Design course (Digital) consists of;

  • Photoshop Preliminaries
  • Typography and Publications
  • Publications and Packaging
  • OH&S

The HSC course consists of;

  • Character Design
  • Animation
  • Personal Project
  • Portfolio

There is no Studio Design course running for 2016.




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