Stage 5

This is a temporary hosting to support the current Term 2 class activity for 9VA1

The main task for term two is the creation of a ‘self portrait’. The task theme is ‘Self Portrait in a Personal Space’ realised as a graphite / charcoal drawing.

Visual inspiration

As discussed in class this ‘self portrait’ task can be taken in a number of directions. The only constraint being that your image must be depicted as being seen in or on a reflective surface and contained within the space of a ‘personal environment’. The possibilities as discussed are quite extensive and provide opportunities for a broad range of conceptual, visual and spatial resolutions.


Describing Form

This is to support the tonal rendering exercises done in class.

Things to consider

This is to support aspects of the conceptual development of your ‘Self Portrait in a personal space’ project.


Below are a series of ‘self portraits’ by Brett Whitely. All are representations of the same person.