Temporal Accounts |Documentary Photography


This project based task explores photographic practice as a means of conveying a story / narrative, documenting an event or sequence.

As identified on the task sheet for this project the aim of the course is to;

  • Introduce you the student to the practice and production of documentary photography.
  • Explore taking photographs at different times of the day and in different environments.
  • Explore the elasticity of time through various investigations of the world.
  • Explore the documentation of narrative accounts and the potential of photographic sequences.
  • Develop conceptual meanings through the construction of selected images.
  • Explore the critical and historical aspects of the documentary photograph.

Two core task components make up this project;

  • Part 1-Practical task: The Documentary image
  • Part 2-Coursework:
    • Pairs + Diptych
    • Photo Flipbook
    • Hand drawn stencils
    • Images as words
    • Instagram Moments
    • Small worlds
    • Spray / Mist

Part 1- The Documentary Image

Produce a series of photographic images that document and / or interpret; an event, journey or a narrative account of a time frame in your life’

For the submission of this task you will need:

  • A minimum of 15 images.
  • At least 3 of these images demonstrate an experimental approach to either camera work or post processing.
  • One ‘landmark’ image. i.e., an image that in your opinion captures the essence of your documentary.
  • One image montage.

Part 2 – Coursework

  1. Pairs = any two of something
  • Diptych

2. Flipbook


3. Hand drawn stencils – graphic overlays


4. Images as words.


4. Instagram moments

Simply a series of mobile / smartphone images that documents life’s fleeting, quirky moments.

5. Small Worlds.

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