This coursework introduces you to camera-less darkroom processes.

Curate and submit the best examples of your Sun pictures, Photograms, Chemigrams and Pinhole Camera photographs in your folio. You’ll need to have a good range of samples in each of the above to curate for your folio.

All processes will be demonstrated in the darkroom and are supported in your coursework handouts.

Sun pictures

Images sourced @ beelinetree.blogspot.com , 50watts.com , artblart.com and susielovesphotography.com


Images sourced @ www.flickr.com , faculty.cooper.edu , bunchfamily.ca , www.picstopin.com and www.hirshhorn.si.edu


Images sourced @ nonfigurativephoto.blogspot.com , www.studiosieg.com , www.kovacskristof.com  , betterphotography.in and www.nolanpreece.com

Pinhole Photography

Images sourced @ chriskeeney.com , neilhallphotos.blogspot.com , www.steveashtonphotography.co.uk , www.alternativephotography.com , corandemphotography.wordpress.com

Check out some alternative processes @ Luminous Lint

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