Conceptual Framework

The Conceptual Framework is essentially a structure, hence framework, that allows you the student to look at artworks and understand them in the context of a number of relationships. These relationships are those that have been identified as existing between an artwork, the artist, the audience and the world.

Artists do not necessarily think in these terms, but produce works that can be viewed, analyzed and understood in these contexts. However, they will often be aware of their audience and the contexts for exhibiting works, and can be informed by, or respond to, these contexts along with events in the world etc.

Unlike the ‘frames’ that are focus oriented, the Conceptual Framework is a more generalized, umbrella viewpoint, that is holistic in it’s spirit.

The Conceptual Framework embraces Artworld agencies such as galleries, art schools, art publications, art education, grants and grant systems, commissions and funding bodies etc, and provides for an understanding of how these interact with each other and how artists interact with them. It also incorporates primary, secondary and tertiary contexts for reading works.

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The Artworld

Whilst this presentation contains some dead links or pages that have been moved or removed since it was first created, viewing it will certainly enhance your understanding of how the ‘Artworld’ works.

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