Yr 7 Visual Art Nepean

Term 2

For classes 7VAR2 / 7VAR5

Making Art – ‘Becoming an Artist’ / Series of Works

Task Issued: Week 1 Term 2

Task Submission: Week 5 Term 2

Overview: Produce a series of 2 works that are influenced by research into the following representational styles;

  1. Realism
  2. Expressionism
  3. Abstraction

The following resources are hosted here on a temporary basis. Make use of them.

Experimental Drawing



Term 3 | 4

Creepy Creatures

This task involves designing and making a ceramic object that fits the criteria of a “creepy creature’ . This would entail using your imagination to visualise forms that may or may not function as forms do in the world we live in.

  • What does the word ‘creepy’ conjure up in your imagination?
  • How doe you define ‘creature’
  • Is your understanding of concepts related to working with and handling clay sufficient to enable you to make what you can visualise?

Use the following links to access components of tis task;


Research Task



An Investigation