Case Studies

Case Studies are used to inform your responses to questions in Section 2 of the HSC Visual Arts exam and to enrich your artworld knowledge. During the course of studies undertaken in your Preliminary and HSC years the Board of Studies mandates that a series of Case Studies are undertaken. You will have access to a wide range of Case Studies across a variety of media areas and practices.

It is recommended that over the course of your Preliminary & HSC studies that you familiarize yourself with the works of at least three artists and be able to support your responses with a range of relevant examples of works and quotes.

I suggest that you develop a thesis based approach to working with Section 2 responses i.e., target a particular question type (Practice, Conceptual Framework or Frames) and align your Case Studies to these frameworks.

Case Studies for the Preliminary Year can be accessed via the fly-out under Preliminary HSC Art on this site.

You can access additional Case Studies at;


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