Introduction to Photoshop

These introductory Photoshop tutorials are designed to give you a thorough understanding of the core functionality of Photoshop, including a comprehensive overview of the Workspace, Tools (+tool options) Panels etc. When the 5 preliminary lessons (9 exercises) are completed you will be able to manage the creation of your own work without any difficulty.

After completing this introductory course you will be able to:

  • open files,
  • create a new file and set the file parameters,
  • navigate the workspace,
  • make selections using the marquee tools, lasso tools and pen tool.
  • copy and paste selections,
  • create layer masks,
  • use reveal all masks,
  • paint onto a mask to define a selection,
  • use a gradient on a mask to blend layers,
  • merge layers,
  • name layers,
  • create layer sets,
  • make snapshots in history,
  • paint into a layer with a history state,
  • use paste into,
  • use and adjust levels,
  • adjust saturation,
  • apply colour adjustments,
  • apply and adjust filters,
  • delete selections,
  • invert selections,
  • refine selections,
  • use layer modes,
  • create a path,
  • turn a path into a selection,
  • stroke a path,
  • copy layers,
  • delete layers,
  • delete history states,
  • apply and adjust transformations,
  • adjust layer transparency
  • use and define parameters for; the move tool, marquee tool, lasso tool, magic wand tool, quick selection tool, healing tool and patch tool, brushes, history brush, gradient, paint bucket and pen tools.

You can view images from previous exercises here

Web & mobile support documents


Working with Masks 1&2

Working with Masks 3&4

WWM 3&4 contains the link to resource files for both exercises.

Lesson 3

Farm Transformation

Surreal Head

Lessons 4 & 5

Adding Another Dimension


Photomontage WEB

Mixing Design Elements   (web / mob version under development)

Retro Comic

Tricks with Light and Shade

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