General information for the 2019 HSC course will be posted here.

Download the web/ mobile current task for Term 1 2018 here

Download faculty task sheet here

Body of Work overview


Assessment Dates 2018-19

Assessment Task 1 : Body of Work Proposal + Cockatoo Island   Week 4 Term 1 2019

Assessment Task 2: Mid Course Review (TBA) + Exam  

Mid-Course Exams Feb 22nd – March 4th Week 5-6

Assessment Task 3: Edge of Trees  TBA

Assessment Task 4: Body of Work Progressive  TBA

Assessment Task 5; Body of Work Submission  TBA

If you experience any difficulty completing a task by the due date you will need to complete and submit a misadventure form.


A list of available printing services is available here

Use this chart to work out image dimensions for printing


Body of Work Restrictions:

Download this document to view BOSTES requirements for the dimensions of a Body of Work

Case Studies

Your Case Studies form the core of the the information you will need to inform your responses to Section 2 of your HSC exam. The artists listed below supplement the Case Studies covered in class and should allow you to build on  any ‘thesis’ based approach you might want to take to the extended response section of this year’s HSC.

A thesis based approach to responses in Section 2 suggests that you target a specific question type i.e.,

  • Conceptual Framework
  • Frames
  • Practice

By doing so you can focus the information you collect in relation to the artists you study.

Ideally you should have at least 3 artists from either your inclass case studies and/or from the recommended list of online sites;

(best if not from the same media area) and be able to discuss a range of works related to each. You should have a collection of relevant quotes related to either the works or the artists themselves.

Current Case studies to date include;


Marian Drew

Gregory Crewdson

Ron Mueck

Ben Quilty

Robert Hughes

William Kentridge

Additional Case Studies are available here

Shaun Gladewll | here

Bill Viola | here

Cao Fei | here

David Hockney | here

John Berger | here

Miwa Yanagi | here

Robert Hughes | here

Shazhia Sikander | here

Yayoi Kusama | here

Janet Laurence | here




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    I’m a fellow visual arts teacher and I wanted to congratulate you on your inspirational blog. I hope you don’t think I’m rude for asking, but, I was wondering if you would be at all willing to share your program for the object unit of work (James Cornell)? It looks amazing. Thanks- Alison stewart Nowra Christian School

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