Preliminary Photography


The Preliminary course is designed to give you exposure to the core philosophy, theory and practice of photography.

This is done througha series of term projects which each have practical and research components.

  1. Introduction to practice in wet photography; Familiarises you with photographic principles, aesthetics, basic darkroom practice, production of camera-less images, pinhole photography, basic theory and early history.
  2. Ways of seeing; Introduces you to working with SLR cameras, developing and printing, a focus on design principles in photographic practice and a continuing development of theory and history.
  3. Developing a point of view: Builds on and refines the work of the previous term and introduces you to the notions of traditions, conventions, style and genre in photography.

The relevent worksheets for each term will be posted to your Edmodo page, Moodle and the term focus page here at Rewired.


Pages listed under Preliminary Photography for the time being include: Darkroom, Camera, History.

  • The ‘Darkroom‘ page will deal with essential darkroom theory, technique and practice.
  • The ‘Camera’ page will deal with use and maintenance of SLR camera’s and related theory.
  • The ‘History’ page will of course deal will the history of photography.

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