2008 HSC Analysis

2008 HCS Analysis

Unpacking section 1

In a recent revision of unpacking strategies for section 1 of the HSC paper we looked at a number of questions and attempted to assemble the requisites for addressing the question effectively.

From the 2008 paper 1a

Remember that the rubric for section 1 requires you to; “write in a concise and well reasoned way, present an informed point of view and use the plates and any other source material to inform your response”.

The page in question has two plates and two citations. To write concisely you need to avoid plate descriptive responses and answer the question directly. The essential skill here is enabling yourself to draw the correct inferences using only the source material.

a) How does the sculptor Ron Mueck represent his view of the world?

Key to understanding this was looking for the significant parts of the question. These were identified as the indicators how, sculptor, represent, view and world. We discussed what was meant by “how” and located that in everyday experience that could be related to by everyone. We discussed why the term ‘sculptor’ was significant; in that it prepared you mentally to manage the material considerations of the question. This brought up issues of differences in practice between painters, photographers, sculptors, printmakers, installation artists etc, and that Mueck as a sculptor would have different issues to deal with in the creation of his work as opposed to other material practitioners.

We discussed what was meant by the term ‘represent’ and how representation/representations  could differ. We discussed the term ‘view’ and looked at subjective and cultural contexts for this word and lastly discussed what was meant by ‘world’, from internal/psychological readings to empirical real-world views.

We then looked at the ways the artist (Mueck) represents his view of the world. Collectively you broke this up into the following;

Scale, stereotype, gesture, attention to detail and material usage.

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