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This selection of previous Wyndham College ‘Body of Work’ submissions; (in no particular sequence) is being assembled to give you an idea of the breadth and depth of conceptual and media/material explorations undertaken by students enrolled in the Stage Six Visual Arts course. Approximately 60-80 students from Wyndham submit each year. Of the thousands of images submitted by our students over the period since substantial documentation began 2007-2013 the samples on this page are representative of the quality but not the quantity.


anna textAnna

Anna Denekjina: “Year Zero” Vinyl print approx 7.4m. Edited & composited in Adobe Photoshop

BOW 2007-  Art Express @ The Art Gallery of NSW 2008


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 Stephanie Olive – Adobe Illustrator @2011 BOW Submission

chelsea text final

 Chelsea (Body alphabet, edited and composited in Photoshop) @2008 BOW Submission

Sarah Moncrieff – Adobe Illustrator

2009 HSC BOW submission. Exhibited AGNSW ArtExpress 2010

Naomi Chilcott – Adobe Illustrator @ 2011 BOW Submission

each image approx 60 x 42 cm

Holly Cornish

BOW 2011 ‘Moiety’ –  Art Express @ Art Gallery of NSW 2012  
Edited and composited Photoshop


Nophadon Kantaros

Paintings x 2 @ 2007 BOW submission. Exhibited Armory Gallery 2008 ArtExpress

Acquisition NSW BOS

Lisa Zamitt

2007 BOW submission (8 x A2 Photographic images) Edited and composited – Photoshop

Exhibited ArtExpress Armory Gallery 2008

Maleeha Ashrad 2014 BOW submission.

ArtExpress 2015; Armory Gallery + Margret Whitlam Gallery UWS

5 @ 180 cm x  42 cm

(edited Lightroom, composited Photoshop)

Amy Carter | 2007 BOW submission

240 x 50 cm   (Edited and composited – Photoshop)

Laisani Druma  |  2013 HSC submission

4 x AO prints   Adobe Illustrator

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