HSC Design

This page is now redesigned to carry only the main course overview for general use. Tasks will be discussed in the drop-down and fly-out navigation.

Character Design | Term 4 2019

This term will focus on generating character designs and working in Adobe Illustrator. In this unit you will learn how to use all the variables offered by the pen tool, place character components on individual layers, use gradient fills, transparency, stroke paths, work with multiple art-boards, export to different file types etc.

Animation | Term 1 2020

This unit focuses on generating storyboards and animating in Adobe Flash Professional. In this unit you will learn how to create new Flash documents, work with layers, work with frames and key-frames, place content on the stage, animate elements, work with symbol properties etc.

Personal Project and Portfolio | Term 2/3 2020

Your ‘Personal Project’ will begin mid way through Term 3 and continue through Term 4.

Your ‘Portfolio’ is an ongoing process and should include your ‘Personal Project’.

Your Digital Portfolio should be ready for submission by Week 6 of Yr12 Term 4 (School Term 3)






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