Character Design

Assessment Task 




This unit of study / practice focuses on;

  • Working with Adobe Illustrator as a tool to develop character designs for a range of graphic settings.
  • Understanding the nature of ‘character design’
  • Understanding the role and significance of concept and concept sketches.




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Core Illustrator skills addressed in this course include;

  • Creating new documents
  • Setting document parameters
  • Working with art-boards
  • Working with multiple documents
  • Working with the selection, direct selection and multiple selection tools
  • Working with the pen tool
  • Working with the add, delete and convert anchor point tools
  • Working with the line , shape, brush, pencil tool, smooth tool and path eraser tools
  • Editing paths
  • Working with the rotate and reflect tools
  • Creating fills and gradient fills
  • Stroking and applying colour to a path
  • Placing an image into a document
  • Understanding the document set-up dialog
  • Working with live paint and live trace
  • Transforming objects
  • Understanding and working with the Effects dialog

As you work through this project these tutorials are here to remind you of the basics in Illustrator, just in case…..


Getting started with Illustrator

Create a new document

Understanding Paths

Working with the pen tool

New ways to work with the pen tool

The join tool

Using shape tools

Working with fill and stroke attributes

Apply colour

Working with colours

Re-colouring artwork

Using the gradient tool

Create gradients

Working with Artboards in Illustrator



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