This is an extraordinary piece of work. Why post it and why post it here? Simply a testament to the best of creative thinking and integrity. In the end this is what a true journey is about. Having something to say, something you believe in and the determination and skill to wrap it up in something that reaches an audience and provides that audience with an emotionally intense and memorable experience.


ReMoved from HESCHLE on Vimeo.

The Hours Tower Mural Project

I saw this at this years Semi Permanent. A great collaborative street project.


“The Hours Tower Mural Project is an ongoing art project at The 4217 in Surfers Paradise, Australia which aims to bring well known artists to the Gold Coast to collaborate together using the three storey high lift-shaft at The 4217 as their canvas.

Curated by The Hours, the project will regularly see two different Australian artists invited to paint a collaborative artwork on the huge lift-shaft, providing Surfers Paradise with a truly unique large scale and evolving piece of public art.

This is the first mural for the ongoing project, painted by Beastman and Jae Copp in April 2013.” @ Vimeo

The4217 – The Hours Tower Mural from Digital Cinematix on Vimeo.