2016 ArtExpress Pre-Selections

A big congratulations to the following students from the now graduate year whose HSC submissions have been held back by BOSTES as being eligible for consideration by the venue curators for inclusion in the 2016 ArtExpress exhibitions.

Jacob David King “Apparition”
Yazmin Chimanlal-Patel “Coded Exit”
Laura Radwill “M?sgende”r
Dylan Varisli “Tanimlanamayan/Unidentified”
Sara Vella “Fantastical Modern Age”
Madeleine Beth Tuynman “Near the You Yang Garden – A Homage to Fred Williams”

Yazmin Chimanlal_Patel (ArtExpress | Armory Gallery, Margaret Whitlam Gallery WSU)

Madeleine Tuynman  (ArtExpress | Hazelhurst Regional Gallery)

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Sara Vella

Art @ Bundanon

Think you’d like to spend a few days at Arthur Boyd’s Bundanon residence staying in accommodation designed by Glen Murcott? If you haven’t done so already, check out this video of Wyndham students at Bundanon and get a deposit back to the front office by 25th October. This is a great opportunity to be part of an exceptional immersion into some serious art-making.