Assessment Task 2


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An introductory course for Year 12 students that focuses on working with Adobe Animate CC to produce animated sequences.

Outcomes assessed DM1, DM2, DM3, DM4. CH1. CH4

For 2020 this Term 2 project involves the production of a number of animated sequences;

  • 2 x simple animations on one layer.
  • 2 x multiple layer animations that contain a static background with multiple objects in foreground motion.
  • 2 x animations with multiple objects in motion in both the foreground and background against a static background.
  • 1 x animation with complex layer structure built from a story boarded sequence. Minimum duration 10 seconds.

The above sequences can contain both shape and motion tweens.

Over the course of these activities you will learn how to;

  • Create and set preferences for new projects
  • Import images to the stage or to the library
  • Add frames and key-frames to a timeline (F5 frame, F6 Key frame)
  • Add content to the stage
  • Use the selection, sub selection, free transform, pen, line, zoom, shape (rectangle, oval etc) pencil, brush, fill and stroke tools
  • Modify paths
  • Apply gradients
  • Export to HTML5

Flash Keyboard Shortcuts download

Animating on a Path

The following examples demonstrate a range of competencies.


In the balance





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