Maleeha Ashrad @ 2015 HSC Study Guide

Wyndham College graduate Visual Art student Maleeha Ashrad’s HSC 2014 Body of Work has been selected for inclusion in this years Sydney Morning Herald HSC Study guide and video.

She received official confirmation from BOSTES 24/6/15

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 2.04.40 pm

You can see her work in the HSC Study Guide and in the video @ HSC Visual Arts

It’s especially pleasing to see Maleeha publicly acknowledged for her commitment and exceptional talent.

Selected panels from Maleeha’s HSC submission.

Academic subjects alone won’t cut it.

“Employers are crying out for recruits who are creative. The notion that arts and music are not seen as ‘hard’ enough subjects is damaging to the economy.”

Here’s a thoughtful; albeit, relatively brief piece, on the value of creative thinking and creativity in education.

The notion that the Arts should sit below the post industrial hierarchy of English, Maths, Science and the Humanities is antiquated. Everything we have (man-made) comes from the minds of creative people. Simply ludicrous to undervalue it.

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