This is a component of the REWIRE Project contains an extensive collection of Art, Design and Photography course related content for my students @ Wyndham.  This site and STAGESIX are designed to give you the student, more specific course related material covered in our classes.

The links provided on this site are specifically for you and will hopefully give you access to content that will inspire you and add depth to your understanding.

Other educational and professional websites can be accessed here

All links are checked for content suitability.


Mission Statement

I will to the best of my ability;

  • Honor my students in their absence.
  • Respect and nourish the creative integrity and independence of my students.
  • Build relationships with my students based on mutual trust.
  • Respect and nourish the personal dignity of my students.
  • Honor and nourish the intellectual and emotional wellbeing of my students.

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